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Optimise Your Life

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We can all do far more than we think to stay healthy and recover our health.  Widely recognized are the important links between diet, eating habits & exercise and health.  Surgery is required when things have gone too far; and pharmaceutical drugs taken to control symptoms. 

But who is it who does the healing?  When you break your arm, doctors set it, medication controls infection, pain etc. BUT it is our bodies that do the healing. Turning on the healing processes at the beginning and turning them off at the end.

The best surgery and drugs are powerless unless we too - all aspects of ourselves -are on board.  You probably know of people who have survived contrary to expectation, and others who have failed to heal from routine procedures.  So what is going on?

Less well known to many are the links between our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, energy etc. and our health.  This is the area that my Health Coaching focuses on to complement more conventional health approaches.

The link between our thinking, emotions - particularly those leading to stress - and our immune system (IS) are well recognized and researched in the field of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI)

I think of our IS as our inner surveillance and eves-dropping system, privy to what is really going on at our unconscious level.  And then, wanting only to help us, co-ordinating activities in our bodies to bring about 'solutions' to resolve the problems it has found - sometimes with unwanted or even deadly consequences for us.  In order to maintain and restore health, it is therefore vital to be able to discover what is really going on, re-programme our thoughts etc.  and find supportive solutions instead.

This adds other layers to the conventional western approach to restoring health.  What it regards as causes - a 'malfunctioning' of the IS for example - becomes the mechanism by which our bodies bring about the 'solution'.  Thus the IS may in fact be functioning correctly based on the information it has received and not mis-functioning as diagnosed!

Underlying all of this are the energy structures that lead to thoughts, emotions etc.  Unless these are addressed too, it is possible for the old patterns to return.  Very often the energy structures are not even our own - they may be ones we have taken on from others - and ordinarily prove difficult to shift.

The good news is that it is possible to discover what health programmes we are running and to change them. My Health Coaching, using Energetic NLP, NLP and Hypnotherapy, forms a powerful complementary approach for recovering and maintaining health.

References include:

Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief

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Bruce Lipton explaining the essential differences between the Western medical approaches and the mind body approach.

Health Coaching is not a replacement for conventional medical practice or complementary medicine. It enhances and adds to all of these, empowering the individual to take action using the resources they already possess to positively affect their health and life in general.

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