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Optimise Your Life

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I contacted you because I had nervous choking and irritable bowel syndrome. I have not choked since I saw you which is a great relief. I really enjoyed meeting you and found the sessions very helpful and most interesting. I have indeed recommended you to members of the family. VN. Herts.

I found Diana's approach extremely sympathetic and encouraging, no matter what the problem and have recommended her to others for various reasons. I intend to go back later to try to sort out my failing memory!!  JM Herts

When I came to you, it was my last chance saloon. I now feel much better about myself. I have started to loose weight and life is good.  Sheila Wiles.

Diana is an exemplary Energetic NLP practitioner who works with great intuition and empathy. I am amazed how swiftly she’s able to instinctively focus my mind so I understand where my problem lies and get the learning to move me forward. Her range of interventions helps me to feel the power of energetic visualisation so I can immediately eliminate any limiting beliefs and decisions which are holding me back. This has brought about some amazing results for me and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make positive change in their life.  Cath Lawson, Life's Great Coaching  July 2010. www.lifesgreatcoaching.co.uk

I found Diana's approach extremely sympathetic and encouraging, no matter what the problem and have recommended her to others for various reasons. I intend to go back later to try to sort out my failing memory!!   JM. May 2010

When I came to you, it was my last chance saloon. I now feel much better about myself. I have started to loose weight and life is good. Sheila Wiles. June 2010.

When I first heard about Diana, I couldn't wait to meet her.  Now that I have, I can confidently say 'I am a non-smoker who doesn't like or fancy a chocolate' - two things I could never say or even think before.  Caroline Somerset, Beds. Feb. 2010.

Diana is a remarkable Therapist and Results Coach. Her wealth of life experience, coupled with a compassionate and intuitive nature, constantly reassures you that you are in excellent hands. Some of her therapy techniques are quite simply amazing and with only one session, your transformation can be, literally, life changing. Diana’s coaching has allowed me not just to take a step, but a massive quantum leap toward reaching my personal and career goals. CL Manchester

“Diana is a very effective coach. She has a depth of training, education and applied practical learning (including health) behind an impressive CV. This gives her a whole battery of tools and techniques at her disposal. What she does especially well is to tie it all together intuitively to provide powerful insights into helping her clients release their blocks, often at a deep emotional or unconscious level, and replace them with empowered goals to move them forward. More than a coach, she is fulfilling her vision of working alongside other inspirational people, and especially women, to take these combinations for developing self-empowerment to a far wider audience.” RB London

I worked with Diana as my coach for 8 months and her support and encouragement was an important part of moving me towards and achieving my goals. We addressed not only the practicalities of moving forward and ensuring I was accountable for the steps I needed to take, but also she was very helpful in enabling me see where my mind games were getting in the way. She took me through many processes that in some cases released my limiting decision, and others gave me insight into why I was getting in my own way. This work was invaluable to me. In the months we worked together, I reached my targets of studying for three courses, decided on a publisher for my book and completed the manuscript, re-wrote my website and arranged a total reprogramming and identified some next steps for new projects for later in the year. Working with her, was easy, fun, enjoyable (even the emotional bits!) and I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone who wishes to move past their self imposed limitations and start ticking their achievements off their list.  JMG Spain

I wanted to say how truly grateful I am for your help - our coaching session together has given me a fresh direction in life far greater or profound than anything I'd planned on in the past. You are a wonderful coach. Diana is an intuitive and creative coach. She cares deeply about her clients and it shows in her listening and questioning. She is warm, humourous and puts you utterly at ease. There's something special about Diana's style and approach. In particular she has a gentleness, perceptiveness and understanding which combine to get great results. she is the master of tools and techniques of NLP and she knows where to strike the cord. She is an outstanding human being. I totally recommend coaching with Diana.  SC Northants.

I enjoyed Diana's intuitive style of coaching. She has a wealth of knowledge in the field of health and holistic therapies and has the most amazing connections. Diana mixes a range of techniques with her NLP coaching to suit your needs. I found her input and insight helpful in regards to my health and life changes that I wanted to make. I benefitted from a break through session with Diana. You really feel that Diana cares and wants the best for you... Marcia Gladwin College lecturer

Thanks so much for another amazing coaching session Diana. I really love your calmness and inspiration. You always manage to bring out the things in me that take me to where I'm going to be successful and you've shown me that I really can not just set goals but achieve them too. I've broken through the barriers to creating my own successful lifestyle and getting on my purpose and you have been a great part of that.  JB London

The beliefs I had when I first met you which were so paralysing, have completely gone. I am now really enjoying my life to the full and my family are all benefitting from the changes. My self worth and confidence are really flourishing. I still have the ocassional wobble but now I am easily able to sort myself out, dust myself off and keep right on heading towards my goals (some that I set I've already met and it feels so empowering!).  JH Herts

''I owe Diana tremendous thanks for the help she gave me - she put me back in control of my life. This was done professionally throughout. A potentially difficult issue to discuss and tackle, Diana guided me through it in a very positive and pro-active way. I shall always be grateful for the help Diana gave me - the benefits will remain with me forever. I would thoroughly recommend Diana's guidance and advice."  DF London

"I first met Diana in 2006 and I immediately warmed to her. I decided to ask her if she might like to help me sort out a muddled head as I had reached a cross roads in my life and the path forward not very clear. Diana helped me unravel my thoughts and where I wanted to go. The sessions were non threatening, non judgemental and totally relaxing. I often think of our chats and now find my decision making is clearer as I have some goals, greater positivity and value how important it is too look after ourselves " MA, Herts

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