Optimise Your Life

Optimise Your Life

Reach your peak performance!


We all have issues in our life which are holding us back – be it health, phobias, anxiety, weight control, relationships or whatever. Within us are all the resources we need to overcome them - they just need to be unlocked. Therapy sessions are empowering and fun – and quickly put you back in control! The main tools used are NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy. Others described in Tools for Change can be used, and are most effective in hypnosis. Conditions that can be successfully treated include:

AbusePanic attacks


Confidence Relationship problems

Depression Stammering

Difficulty setting boundaries      Stress

FearsUnwanted emotions

Guilt feelingsWeight control


And many more!

Chronic Health Issues

Symptoms can be significantly improved for people suffering chronic illnesses and conditions such as:

Sessions start with a free initial telephone conversation when we discuss the area of your life that you want to work on. I will then set you ‘tasks’ to get you focused and motivated about the changes you want to make. These need to be completed prior to booking the series of appointments.

My premises are on the 1st floor, up easy stairs. Occasionally home visits can be arranged. A charge for travelling is applicable for home visits.

ArthritisIBS and other gut problems

AsthmaME / CFS

CancerMultiple Chemical Sensitivity

Chronic pain               Psoriasis, Eczema and other skin conditions

Diabetes Other allergic reactions

Hay fever

You will be amazed by what you can do!

N.B. I like to work with your GP with health issues.

Therapy sessions are generally 2–2.5 hours long and you will typically need two to four sessions, ideally at weekly intervals. Where multiple conditions exist, you may require additional sessions. After our initial session I can give you a clearer picture.

Please e-mail or 'phone for information about sessions and pricing.

A reduced fee is negotiable in exceptional cases.

How therapy works

What holds us back? We can think of our minds on the iceberg principle. The part we are aware of, our conscious thinking mind that makes decisions about what we want to do and the direction in which we want to go, is probably only 5% of our mind. The remainder, the part of our mind that we are unaware of – our subconscious or unconscious mind - is the remaining 95%.

The unconscious is the part that often really runs our life; it controls all the ‘automatic’ working of our bodies and makes us react in the way we do. We can think of our mind, too, as the captain and the crew of our ship. If captain and crew are in rapport and working together, then we are going to get to where we want quickly and efficiently. If the two are out of rapport we will go round and round in circles, off at a tangent or drift back to how where we were. At worst we have mutiny – serious addictions, illnesses, major problems in our life.

So it is essential that we get captain and crew communicating and working together. How can we do this? Normally our unconscious mind can only communicate through dreams, thoughts and feelings that ‘just come to us’, and by causing physical symptoms.

This is where Hypnotherapy comes in. In hypnosis, we come us into direct contact with our unconscious minds. We can talk directly to our ‘crew’, find out why it is doing certain things, negotiate with it, find alternative solutions and re-programme aspects that just aren’t working.

It helps to think of our unconscious mind as a 7 – 9 year old who wants to be our best friend. It really wants to help us and
believes everything it does is in our best interest – but doesn’t always see the full picture or have the necessary resources. Think of it too as a computer, programmed from the start when we didn’t have all the resources we have now. And like a computer those programmes will run and run until we go in and change them. It is also like a video – everything we have ever seen, done, heard, thought and felt is stored on it. So we can go back to those critical events and re-programme them (the unconscious can’t tell the difference between fact and fantasy so this works perfectly).

When an event happens, the unconscious mind pattern-matches back to the first time a similar event happened and repeats the same action. Who has felt an unreasonable level of anger about a minor incident – such as road rage? That surge of anger hasn’t much to do with that particular incident; what has happened is that the unconscious has pattern-matched back and collected all the similar incidents along the way and it is all of that anger that explodes. After re-programming, the next time a similar event occurs it will pattern-match back to the resolved outcome and copy that. End of problem!

It all sounds very simplistic – but then we are dealing with the equivalent of 7 year old mind – simple and direct and by no means stupid.

When I first heard about Diana, I couldn't wait to meet her.  Now that I have, I can confidently say 'I am a non-smoker who doesn't like or fancy a chocolate' - two things I could never say or even think before.  Caroline Somerset, Beds. Feb. 2010.

Contact me on 01582 766541 (Harpenden, Hertfordshire)

Or e-mail at: diana@optimiseyourlife.com